Muir College Writing Program

MCWP 50 or MCWP 125?

How are these courses similar to each other?

The writing courses developed and taught by the Muir College Writing Program are designed to help you with the process of reading critically and writing analytically. We believe this process is integral to a great number of the courses offered at UC San Diego. Many of our former students have said that although MCWP 50 or MCWP 125 are among the most demanding courses they have taken at UC San Diego, they are also among the most helpful and widely applicable.

Both courses are led by experienced and dedicated instructors. In both courses you will write papers that ask you to research and analyze arguments in a particular field like the sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, or the humanities. The courses focus on the process of writing, including revision strategies, workshops, and one-on-one conferences. Your instructor will provide detailed responses to your written work throughout the quarter.

Course descriptions are available online and in the main office at HSS 2346.

How are these courses different from each other?

There are three main differences between MCWP 50 and 125—class size, division credits, and course design.

  1. In MCWP 50, class enrollment is held to fifteen students. In MCWP 125, class enrollment is held to twenty students.
  2. Students who complete MCWP 125 receive four units of the upper division credits needed to graduate.  Accordingly, MCWP 125 requires more research and longer papers than MCWP 50.
  3. MCWP 50 assumes that many of the students enrolled have already completed MCWP 40. In contrast, MCWP 125 was created with transfer students in mind so instructors work to catch everyone up to speed on the program’s expectations for writing.