Connor Gorry

 Hello! I’m Connor, and I’m a fourth-year Cognitive Science and Communication double major. Feel free to give me a knock in Apartment 602 if you need anything, or if you just want to visit! I’m originally from Davis, CA, so if I’m not in Tamarack, then there’s a good chance I’m on a bike ride; or I’m snapping some photos, or giving a tour to some future Tritons! Or I’m just not answering the door because I’m asleep. Actually, it’s probably that last one. 


Cara Spencer

Hey there, I’m Cara! I am a third-year senior and a Cognitive Science and Human Development double major. I aspire to do research on astronauts as an astronaut, rescue dogs, and travel everywhere. I love to find new places to eat, hike, or just sit and admire the clouds. I enjoy Netflix, video games, and various arts when I'm not in class or my labs. If I am not around (which is unlikely because Muir has everything), then I might be at RIMAC, petting dogs, at the Cognitive Science Building, or at the beach reading about space adventures. I am excited to meet you all and don't hesitate to say hi when you see me!