Sima Navid

Hey everyone, I’m Sima and I’m super hyped for our year together! I’m a fourth year Public Health major and I’ll be graduating this year so I’m hoping to make this year the best one yet! The inside scoop about me is that I’m obsessed with brunch, I’m low-key a Canadian, I eat plain yogurt with everything (which is apparently weird??)...and I’m lactose intolerant. Find me anywhere around Muir or my apartment baking sweets that I’ll happily give to you (I don’t like sweet stuff), grabbing some coffee at MOM, doing work (procrastinating) on the picnic benches, or talking about how much I love LotR, my cat, and fooood. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Ben Godby

Hi my name is Ben and I’ll be one of the HA’s for Peanuts House this year! I’m a 3rd year Political Science major. I’m  originally from Lake Forest California but have lived in Charlotte North Carolina for the last 8 years. However the last 2 years have made UCSD my home. When I’m not doing my 10,000 pages of nightly poli sci reading you can probably find me counting money behind MOM or avoiding some paper deadline, probably also at MOM. I enjoy most music that isn’t country but I especially love alternative rock such as the Foo Fighters or early 2000’s stuff like Paramore. Come stop by N10 if you have opinions about Star Wars or Game of Thrones or would just like to see my charming face!