Nicole Sowers

Hello! I am Nicole Sowers, a Senior pursuing a degree in English Literature with a minor in Business, and O house House Advisor. I'm a California native, from the San Fernando Valley of all places, so I'm always willing to discuss the grammatical usage of the word "like" when prompted! I love musicals, poetry, dungeons and dragons, and trying to go to every UCSD theater production in the quarter. On campus, I'm either reading, writing, or trying to start a board game with friends. If you ever need anything, swing by my apartment, L1, in Tuolumne!


Sara Crane

I’m Sara, a third year Muir College student. I am originally from Chicago, IL, but I have found my second home here at UCSD. My major is Marine Biology, and I hope to work in coral reef preservation. My favorite thing about John Muir College is the familial sense of community. Hit me up if you want to talk about dogs (I have a 150lb Saint Bernard), marine life, or astrology!