Divya (left) & Connor (right)

Divya Raman

Hi everyone! My name is Divya Raman (you can call me Div) and I’m a fourth year double major in Public Health and Clinical Psychology. My hometown is in Simi Valley, California where I was born and raised, but I have definitely found a second home in San Diego after moving here for college. I love exploring the surrounding areas and taking spontaneous trips to the beach, as I truly enjoy living so close to the ocean. I am always down to go hiking, watch a sunset, or even combine the two activities and go hiking at sunset! One can usually find me drinking unreasonable amounts of coffee, having my own dance party, or eating breakfast foods at inappropriate times. If y’all ever want to join me in any of these activities or simply want a place to chill, feel free to come hang out with me in H-House!


Connor Gorry

Hello, my name is Connor, and I’m a third year Cognitive Science and Communication double major here at Muir, and I’m excited to be one of the House Advisors for How to Train Your Dragon House. I’m originally from Davis, CA, which means that I really love my bicycle; But I also enjoy things like photography and design, movies, hiking and the outdoors, or reading a nice book. If you want to talk any of the aforementioned things, or just want to visit, you can find me on the 8th floor of Tioga Hall!