Brianna (left) & Joshua (right)

Brianna Navarro

Hello everyone, and welcome to Muir College!!! My name is Brianna Navarro, and I am a third year Human Development Major. I was born in Ontario, California, but San Diego is my home away from home.There are two loves in my life; one, being involved on campus, and two, being able to work with children in any way I can. Some of my hobbies include baking, dancing (even though I really can’t dance), crafting, taking polaroid pictures. and drinking coffee. I like to explore the city, and go on many adventure big or small with my friends, especially if they involve food. I can honestly talk a lot, so if you see me around, come say hi and tell me about your day! I’m so excited to be your 2017-2018 G House House Advisor! I hope you all have a great first year, and if you ever need anything, don’t be shy to come find me on the sixth floor of Tioga!

Joshua Asiaban

Hello! My name is Joshua Asiaban. I am a fourth year Molecular Biology Major with a Minor in Psychology. I'm from the San Fernando Valley. Call me your center because you can find me in the middle of Tioga, 5th floor. Apart from making bad puns, I really like going on adventures as simple as coffee shops or hikes to as grand as road trips! Some of my favorite hiking places include Three Sister's Waterfall and Torrey Pines. My favorite book is “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell (at least at the moment) and “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse is a close second. I also enjoy doing improv with my Troop called FOOSH, we always have shows during the school year to laugh away midterms. If you don't see me blasting alternative music in my room, you can find me working at a lab at the School of Medicine doing ALS research. Fun facts about me is that I can play the violin, I would totally be a water bender, and the way to my heart is through carne asada fries. As the Wilderness House HA, I can’t wait to go on camping trips or hikes around San Diego. My favorite part is to watch the stars and see the Milky way! Feel free to ask any questions or grab some good food or a coffee! I can’t wait to explore San Diego with you all!

Residential Life Staff