Brayan Campos

Hello/Hola folx! My name is Brayan Mauricio Campos Cordero (they/them/their(s) pronouns, NOT he/him/his pronouns please). I identify as a queer genderqueer person of color. I am a fourth year from Muir College who is studying Cognitive Science with a Specialization in Clinical Aspects of Cognition. I’m originally from Mexico City, Mexico, but I have lived in the U.S. for about 20 years. My hometown is North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley. Fun fact is that I was born on the exact date Biggie Smalls passed away.

Aside from that, I love riding rollercoasters (especially at Six Flags Magic Mountain), watching horror movies, and rollerskating. My favorite TV shows are Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy, Black Mirror, Lost Girl, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Currently, I am dabbling into makeup, especially with shimmers and anything glitter. I aspire to be either a social worker or a counselor in higher education. Somewhere I want to visit is Aspen, Colorado, for the beautiful scenery. Other than being a House Advisor for Far Far Away House, I am also an Academic Transition Counselor (ATC) for the OASIS Summer Bridge Program. Love meeting new people, especially over food on/off campus, so come through to the fourth floor of Tioga Hall and say hello!