Jose Heredia

Hey everyone! My name is Jose Heredia and I am a 3rd year History major with a minor in Education Studies, my ultimate goal is to find a career in education. I was born and raised in the Southeast Los Angeles area, specifically in a tiny city called Cudahy, CA. I love to go to the beach and cliffs around UCSD, play sports and video games, listen to a wide variety of music and go to concerts, and go out and explore new places around San Diego (mainly to eat lol). Most of the time you’ll probably find me working on stuff in the E-House lounge, around Muir, or listening to music in my room full blast. I am very excited to be an HA for E-house (Elastigirl House) this upcoming year! Feel free to drop by to my room on the first floor of Tioga anytime if you ever need someone to talk to/ get advice from/ or food recommendations!


Diane Gallardo

Hello Friends! My name is Diane Gallardo and I am a third year majoring in Political Science-International Relations with two minors – Business and Russian Studies. I am from Rialto, California which is a small city in the Inland Empire. During my free time, I like to box, learn how to dance, go on adventures & explore new places, drive around the city, and try new foods, as long as they’re not spicy. I love ice cream! I eat an unhealthy amount of it so I am always down to go out for ice cream, no matter the time of day. Fun fact: I am allergic to coffee, so I am naturally hyper and energetic. If I have a coffee cup in my hand, it's probably a London Fog. I can be found on the 2nd floor of Tioga Hall and I love making new friends, so if you see me around feel free to say hi!