Daniel (Left) & Elizabeth (Right)

Elizabeth Duran

Sup B-housers! My name is Elizabeth Duran, but please call me Liz! I am so excited to be one of your HAs this year! I am a 4th year majoring in Earth Science and minoring in Global Health.  I'm from Cypress, CA (a small city

15 minutes from Disneyland), but I have found my true home here in San Diego! I have a huge love for traveling, hiking, spotting puppies, eating large amounts of food, and watching Harry Potter. I'm always down to check out new food spots, so hit me up if you want to go! If you ever need someone to talk to or just want to hang out, don't hesitate to drop by my room on the 3rd floor! I am super hyped to meet all of you and even more excited to celebrate Muir's 50 Anniversary with you all! With that said, see you all in the Fall!

Daniel Cheah

Hello! My name is Daniel Cheah and I will be one of the HAs for B-House for 2017-2018 living on the 4th floor in Tenaya. I typically go by my last name Cheah (pronounced like a "chia seed" or a "chia pet"). I am a 3rd year NanoEngineering major with a General Biology minor from Aliso Viejo, California (which is near Irvine in case you don't want to pull up a map).  I love to travel and explore around San Diego, especially hiking or going to the beach. You can also catch me going on runs... for food that is! My door is always open and I would love to grab a cup of coffee together. Get ready for this upcoming year especially with Muir College's 50th Anniversary!