Matthew (left) and Claudia (right)

Matthew Lin

Hello!! My name is Matthew Lin and I am a third year social psychology major! I love rock climbing, binge-watching, hanging with friends, and eating, so if you want to do anything of those things, I would love to do them with you! 

Claudia Cheng

Hello everyone! My name is Claudia Cheng and I am one of the House Advisors for Avatar: The Last Airbender House. I’m a fourth year airbender majoring in International Studies with a minor in Studio Art. I love making and eating food, listening to music, watching Netflix, and going on adventures around San Diego. When I lived in the Muir Residence Halls my first year, I felt so welcomed in the community and was able to make so many lasting friendships, and it is my hope and purpose to create an environment where all residents can do the same. Random fun fact about me is that I was once bitten by a camel! Also I love french fries.

Residential Life Staff