Residential Life Policies and Procedures

As a community member at Muir College and living in one of the Muir residential facilities, we hope you will enjoy all of your experiences as a Muir College student. We also hope you find your living experience to be fulfilling, educational, rewarding, and most importantly, fun! Your residential experience is designed to complement the time you spend in the classroom. A tall order but the residential life staff is here to assist and support you! You will need the following information to have the most successful experience possible. We invite you to visit the unabridged version of the Muir Residential Life Handbook (PDF) which includes more detailed information about life at Muir. However, the following is a summary of some of the most frequently misunderstood, but strictly enforced, policies and regulations.

Some Basic Policies

While you are afforded the greatest amount of individual freedom possible, each resident is expected to be a conscientious and positive citizen of the Muir community with respect for all other residents. This is accomplished by following some simple University and residential life policies. Most policies provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for residents; in some cases they follow California state law. Essentially, these policies are enforced to maintain a sense of order in an extremely busy (chaotic?) and densely populated housing area in which nearly 1,300 residents live.


In a nutshell, California state laws states you must be 21 to possess or consume any alcoholic beverage. Residents over 21 are permitted to possess or consume alcohol in their own private space, with a limited number of guests who are 21. Kegs of any size and other extra large alcohol containers are never permitted, regardless of your age! The possession of any type of alcohol paraphernalia, such as a beer bong or a beer pong table, by anyone at any age is also strictly prohibited.

Courtesy Hours

Every resident is entitled to quiet time to study or sleep. At any time, any resident may request that any other resident cease doing anything which interferes with their ability to sleep, study, or rest. Not complying with such a request is a violation of the courtesy hour's policy. We expect you to be a good neighbor and a respectful community citizen at all times!

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours begin at 11 pm on Sunday through Thursday nights and at 1 am on Friday and Saturday nights or any night before a University holiday when classes are not scheduled. All activity must be consistent with your roommate's and neighbors' sleeping or late-night quiet study habits. Taking into consideration your own personal lifestyle, you may need to adjust your own living habits to comply with this policy, and if necessary, it may be time to purchase a good set of headphones!


The possession, use, or sale of any controlled substance and the cultivation of marijuana, including medical marijuana, are all strictly prohibited. The possession of any type of drug paraphernalia, such as a bong or a pipe, is also prohibited.


Pets which live their entire lives under water each and every minute of their day are the only pets permitted in the residential facilities, and must be in a tank no larger than 10 gallons!

Open Flames

Open Flames, such as candles and incense, are prohibited as are appliances with open heating coils. Exceptions to celebrate birthdays and religious holidays that require the use of small candles can be obtained from your house advisor.

Windows Policy

Muir has a unique "Windows" Policy. With some of the tallest residence halls on campus (8 and 11 stories), nothing is permitted to be thrown or accidentally dropped from any window, balcony or rooftop for safety's sake, nor may anything be thrown up to a balcony or a window. We bet you do not know that an item tossed out of a tenth floor window will impact with a velocity of 55 miles per hour, and an apple thrown from the fifth floor hits the ground with a force of 188 pounds! We allow one and only one exception to this policy - bubbles, enjoy yourself, and get it all out of your system!

Smoking Policy

Smoking of any kind is not permitted on any portion of and UC campus including the University of California San Diego.

Respect for Others

Each resident agrees to respect the rights of the other residents and conduct him or herself in a manner conducive to a harmonious living environment as determined by the Director of Residential Life. A detailed explanation of this policy can be found under the sections called "Harassment" and "Violation of personal/individual rights" in your Residential Life Handbook and is specifically stated in your undergraduate housing contract.