Themed Housing

 Muirstock 2013

Three of our houses are themed houses -- Cultural, Wellness and Wilderness Houses.  Wellness House is in Tenaya Hall, and Cultural and Wilderness Houses are in Tioga Hall.  While residents in these houses participate in the same activities as residents of the other houses, each one of these houses attracts students specifically interested in its particular theme. First year students apply to live in these specific houses during June Orientation.  Experience is not necessary, and there is no additional, other than what any student would pay to attend an off-campus event, to live in a theme house. Enthusiasm and a desire to be involved are mandatory requirements!

Cultural House at Muir College celebrates the rich diversity Muir students bring to the residential community. In Cultural House, students of different cultures, ethnicities, races, and sexual identities learn from each other and increase their personal awareness of diversity. Muir’s LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) and Allies Program, and the OASIS Learning Community are located in Cultural House. Residents participate in programs and activities that may include group discussions, presentations by campus resources, music and dance performances, museum visits, outdoor experiences, study breaks, movie nights, and other student events.  Experiencing foods from different cultures are very popular programs!

Wellness House is geared toward active people who are interested in exploring the areas of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.  Activities may include attending sporting events, learning time management, relaxation and meditation techniques, participating in intramurals and spiritual exploration, and learning to live a healthy lifestyle.

Living in Wilderness House is an excellent opportunity to express the individual's relationship with the environment. Students embark on new adventures such as backpacking trips, day hikes, car/beach camping, tide pooling, and rock climbing.  Topics of discussion may center around environmental issues and causes, implications affecting our physical environment, and sustainability issues.

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