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John Muir College is one of the sixth colleges at UCSD. It is currently home to about 1600 students. There are two residence halls, Tenaya and Tioga, and two sets of apartments, Tuolumne and the newly built Tamarack.

Muir residential halls and apartments are divided into houses to create a community among the residents. Each house has two house advisors who help plan programs and events for their residents. Muir also has three themed houses geared at catering to specific shared interests of the residents: Wellness House (B), Cultural House (F), and Wilderness House (G).

Here are the themes for the houses the 2016-2017 academic year:

A House - Arkham House
HAs: Brian and Kylie
B House - Bob's Burgers House
   Megan and Christine
C House - Cosmo and Wanda House
   Maria Sol and Sonia
D House - Dory House
   Ilana and Priya
E House - Emperor's New Groove House
   Josh and Kneka
F House - Finn House
   Gabe and Karla
G House - Goofy Goober House
  Isaac and Taylor
H House - Hogwart's House
   Uma and Claudia
J House - Jack-Jack House
   Vylana and Rachel
O House -  O.W.C.A (organization without a cool acronym)
   Elmer and Liz
P House - Pixar House
   Matt and Tahiez
S House - Snoopy House
   Andrea and Michael
T House - Tom and Jerry
   Shady and Divya