Course Offerings 2017-2018

The Environmental Studies minor program is unique among the minors housed in the colleges, in that it offers its own courses each quarter.  In addition, the program accepts courses offered by various departments as minor electives.  The following is a listing of upcoming ENVR courses for the year as well as departmental courses that are applicable to the minor requirements.

Environmental Studies Yearly Offerings 2017-2018

Environmental Studies Yearly Offerings 2017-2018




Intro to Environmental Studies

ENVR 110
Environmental Law

  ENVR 102
Los Manos Field Project
(Only open to students who took ENVR 102 Conservation Solutions WI18)

ENVR 141
Wilderness & Human Values Workshop (2 units)

ENVR 120

  Coastal Ecology

(Counts for Grp A of minor)

ENVR 102
Conservation Solutions


ENVR 140
Wilderness & Human Values

(Counts for Grp B of minor)

Quarterly Course Offerings

Quarterly Course Offerings

  • A Quarterly List of the upcoming quarter's campus-wide course offerings related to environmental studies is available on this website by the sixth week of the current quarter.

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