TA & Tutor Opportunities

The Environmental Studies minor program may have opportunities for graduate or undergraduate students to apply for TA/Tutor positions for a particular quarter.  These opportunities are variable and depend on the instructional needs of the particular quarter.

If a position is open, students may apply during the submissions period indicated in the posting.  Interested students must meet the university's eligibility criteria for the position.

If there are no open positions for a particular quarter, please check this page at a later date for possible upcoming opportunities.

What is the Difference between a TA and a Tutor?

What is the Difference between a TA and a Tutor?

Teaching Assistant (TA):  This designation applies to graduate students.  A teaching assistant (TA) Assists in the instruction of an upper or lower division course at the University under the supervision of a faculty member.  The TA primarily assists the faculty member in charge of the course by attending all lectures, leading discussion section(s), grading exams and assignments, proctoring exams, answering student questions, and attending any requested meetings with instructor.  In order to apply to TA, students must meet the University eligibility criteria:

  1. The Graduate student must be enrolled in 12 units (full-time).
  2. The Graduate student must be in good academic standing according to their home department including maintenance of a 3.0 GPA and no more than eight units of F and/or U grades overall.
  3. Be within the departmental support time limit:  see your graduate advisor in your home department to verify that you are within your time limit.

Tutor:  This designation applies to undergraduate students.  A tutor or Undergraduate Instructional Assistant (UGIA) serves as an assistant in an undergraduate course under the supervision of a faculty member.  The faculty member is responsible for the course content and maintaining the overall quality of instruction, including supervision of the Tutor/UGIA.  The purpose of the apprenticeship is to learn the methodology of teaching through actual practice in a regularly scheduled course.  Tutors/UGIAs typically attend all lectures, lead discussion section(s), grade exams and assignments, proctor exams, answer student questions, and attend meetings with the instructor.  In order to apply to Tutor, students must meet the University eligibility criteria:

  1. The Undergraduate student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA at UC San Diego.
  2. The Undergraduate student must have completed 90 units prior to serving as a Tutor/UGIA.
  • Please note:  the first time that an undergraduate student serves as a Tutor for the Environmental Studies program, they will earn credit through an ENVR 195 (4 units, P/NP grading option).

Undergrad TAs Needed - Take ENVR 141 WI18!

Be an Undergraduate TA for ENVR 140 - Wilderness & Human Values!

Apply to take ENVR 141 Winter 18!



Are you interested in examining the human relationship with the natural world and how humans have experienced and perceived wilderness environments?

Do you want to strengthen your teaching and leadership skills?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Environmental Studies is calling on YOU to APPLY to participate in ENVR 141: Wilderness & Human Values Workshop for Winter 2018.

  • ENVR 141 is a 2-unit course that prepares students to serve as possible discussion leaders for ENVR 140 in Spring.
  • Through readings, discussion, and hands-on learning, students will prepare to lead weekly discussion sections.
  • ENVR 141 is taught by Professor Matthew Herbst <http://ucsdherbst.org>
  • ENVR 141 will be on Wednesdays 4:00pm - 5:00pm in Winter 18.
  • Students who are selected to be discussion leaders for ENVR 140 in the Spring will also need to attend lectures in SP18 on MWF 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

Enrollment in ENVR 141 is required to serve as a discussion leader in ENVR 140, but does not guarantee that a student will be a discussion leader in ENVR 140.  Students must complete ENVR 141 and must also meet the university criteria of a 3.0 cumulative GPA and upper-division standing (90 or more units completed).

TO APPLY:  Fill out the ENVR 141 Application Form (PDF) and email your completed application documents to Karla Kastner, Env Studies minor coordinator at envrstudies@ucsd.edu by December 1st, 2018.

Questions?  Please contact:
Professor Matthew Herbst, Associate Teaching Professor, Eleanor Roosevelt College | Director, Making of the Modern World Program | phone: 858.822.4859 | email: mtherbst@ucsd.edu | http://ucsdherbst.org