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More than 1 in 5 students at the UC San Diego enter as transfer students. Transfer student to come to UC San Diego with ambition, drive, and a strong sense of their own goals. With careful planning, you can transfer to Muir with limited complications.

Who is a Transfer Student?

A transfer student is a student who has enrolled in a regular session at a college or university after high school.

If you only attended college either while a high school student or during summer program immediately after graduating from high school, you are considered a freshman applicant.

Fall 2018 Transfer Students - IMPORTANT DATES!

Types of Transfer Students

Community College Transfer

  • If you completed your transfer credits at a California community college, you will come to UCSD with several degree requirements complete, and may be eligible to complete the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) before transfer.
  • Your community college grades do not count toward your UCSD GPA, and will always count as lower-division credit.

Intercampus Transfer (ICT)

  • If you completed your transfer credits at another UC campus, you can enter as an intercampus transfer.
  • If you finished your GE or Breadth requirements at your first campus before transfer,  ask your original campus to send Muir a "Letter of Reciprocity" that will waive your GE sequences.
  • Writing courses you took before transfer may be petitioned toward the Muir College Writing requirement.
  • Your UC grades will count toward your UCSD GPA, and any upper-division courses you took before transfer still count as upper-division courses at UCSD.

Transfer From Four-Year or Out of State University

  • If you completed your transfer units at a CSU or out of state, you will not be able to use IGETC or UC reciprocity to clear general education requirements. Meet with a Muir advisor to see what you can petition to clear GE and major requirements.
  • Courses taken at a community college will not be accepted toward the Muir College Writing requirement, but you may petition courses taken at a CSU or other four-year school. You will be asked for course descriptions, syllabi, and (in the case of Muir Writing) writing samples from your courses.
  • Your transfer grades will not count toward your UCSD GPA, but upper-division courses taken at a four-year institution may still be considered upper-division courses at UCSD.

Muir College Writing Program and Transfer Students

Muir students will need to complete up to two writing courses at UCSD.

  • Normally, students must complete MCWP 40 and MCWP 50.
  • Community college classes cannot be used to satisfy either of these.
  • If you completed IGETC before transfer, we will waive MCWP 40. You may take either MCWP 50 or MCWP 125 -- and upper-division writing class designed specifically for transfer students.
  • If you have completed writing courses at another four-year college or university, you may sumbit a petition to the Muir College Writing Program to have courses reviewed for equivalence to one or both classes by following the course petition procedures.
  • You must complete the Muir writing requirement in your first 3 quarters at UCSD. If you don't, you will need to wait until your second pass to enroll -- which will effectively put you on the wait list every quarter.

Transfer Programs and College General Education

GE Certification:

A transfer student who attended either a four-year campus or an out-of-state two-year campus and has satisfied lower-division breadth or general education (GE) requirements at that campus prior to transfer may petition to clear only the Muir College general education requirements.

Transfer students seeking credit for GE Certification must obtain a Letter of Completion of GE Requirements from the campus at which these requirements were satisfied. This can be obtained from the Academic Counselor of the originating institution in the form of an official letter on institution letterhead addressed to the Muir Academic Advising office certifying completion of general education or breadth requirements. The letter should have an explanation of the GE requirements and/or a link to the GE curriculum at that institution. The letter must also include the student's full name, student ID from the originating college, and student's UCSD PID. Students with GE certification must still fulfill the Muir College Writing Requirement, but may be able to apply transfer course work to satisfy one or both writing courses. The student must contact the Muir College Writing Program Office for instructions on this process.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) and Partial IGETC

California Community College transfer students may complete the set our courses defined by the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) as clearing general education requirements. This will satisfy the 12 general education sequence courses, and will waive one Muir College Writing course. You will still need to take MCWP 50 or MCWP 125.

Learn more about IGETC Certification by watching the 2016 IGETC Webinar!


UC San Diego does not currently accept IGETC for STEM.

Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T and AS-T) Programs

The Associate Degree for Transfer programs are developed to guarantee satisfaction of GE requirements for students transferring to California State University (CSU) campuses. At this point, the AA-T and AA-S programs do not clear GE requirements for the UC System unless you choose your courses in a way that they also satisfy IGETC.

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

UC San Diego no longer participates in the TAG program.

7-Course Pattern

Completion of the Seven Course Pattern for UC Admission does not clear your general education requirements— it is the minimum requirement for admission. You will either need to choose your courses to match our general education or consider completion of a program such as IGETC.

Associate Degree

Completion of an Associate's degree does not clear your general education requirements. You will either need to choose your courses to match our general education or consider completion of a program such as IGETC.


The UniversityLink program is an admission guarantee program. Participiation in UniversityLink does not clear general education requirements. You will either need to choose your courses to match our general education or consider completion of a program such as IGETC.

UC Reciprocity

If transfer another UC campus and complete the General Education or Breadth requirements at your original campus before coming to UC San Diego, you can have your original campus submit a "Letter of Reciprocity" to clear our 12 General Education sequence courses. You will still have to petition to request the use of UC writing courses to clear our writing requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Clearing Major Requirements

IGETC does not clear your major requirements. Instead, you will be expected to take courses to clear your lower-division major requirements before you transfer, or else have to take lower-division courses at UCSD.

Community College Courses

Many major requirements may be cleared at the community college before transfer. You can use to look up how your community college courses may be used to clear major requirements before transfer. The more you can complete before transfer, the more likely it will be that you can graduate in two years.

Other Courses

Courses taken at UC or CSU campuses or at other colleges or universities will usually require you to submit a request for equivalence to your major department. You will need to fill out an undergraduate petition form and attach copies of your course descriptions and syllabi for all of the courses you want evaluated. Some departments may ask for copies of papers or lab reports, as well. Since petitions may take a while to be processed, start your petitions well before your enrollment time!

Choosing Muir

Admission to Muir College is decided by the UCSD Office of Admissions based on how you rank the 6 colleges when you apply. Transfer between colleges is rare, so t's very important that you review your rankings when you apply!

Transfer Between UCSD Colleges

Transfer between colleges at UCSD is rare. To transfer to another UCSD college, you must complete at least 1-2 quarters at your original college, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, and show you will graduate at least two quarters faster in a similar course load by transfering colleges. You should meet with the advisor at your current college to discuss whether you qualify and to begin filling out the necessary forms.

Getting Involved at Muir

With over 30 student organizations and committees to choose from, students at all levels get involved in the life of the college while further developing their social and leadership skills. A complete list of organizations can be found on Muir’s Student Involvement page. Below are some transfer specific programs and activities:

  • Tribe of Muir Transfers (TMT) –TMT has a family-like atmosphere and focuses on the concerns and needs of transfer students at Muir College.  TMT plans social events and activities throughout the year.  If you are a transfer student, you should join this organization! Join the TMT Facebook page
  • Muir College Commuter Council (M3C) - M3C is best known for hosting a weekly FREE breakfast and finals week Burnout Center for all of Muir commuter students to enjoy.  M3C also represents the Muir commuter population on important university issues relating to commuters such as parking, commuting, shuttle services, and much more.  If you commute to UCSD, this is the perfect organization for you!
  • Muir College Council-- Muir’s student government board, the Muir College Council, has positions for specifically for Transfers! Transfer Student Representative & Commuter Representatives Needed - contact for more information or an application.

Muir Peer Program—This program is designed to acquaint freshman and new transfer students to UCSD, build a unique bond between new Muir Students and continuing Muir students, encourage involvement and knowledge of Muir traditions and activities, and successfully transition first-year students from their previous institution to the rigors of a research University environment. Contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Ann Hawthorne, for more information.

Transfer OLS

Campus-Wide Involvement

All Campus Transfer Association (ACTA)—Interested in meeting transfer students outside of Muir College? ACTA is a campus-wide organization, which represents and serves as an advocate for transfer students by providing transfer specific information, social activities, and a voice on the A.S. council.

All Campus Commuter Board (ACCB)-- Are you living off campus and interested in planning FREE activities for all commuter students? Are you motivated to make a difference in solving problems commuters face daily? Join the All Campus Commuter Board. Fine out more information about ACCB meeting times by emailing