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Four Year Plans

UC San Diego’s undergraduate colleges and academic departments have developed Four Year Plans for entering students who meet the following criteria:

  • seek to inform themselves about college, major, and graduation requirements during their first year
  • place (by way of UCSD Placement exams) into appropriate college-level courses (non-remedial) in order to complete requirements in a timely manner
  • declare a major during freshman year
  • successfully complete 45 units each year

Muir College’s Provost and faculty are confident that courses and advising support are available to ensure completion of degree requirements in four years with a modest amount of planning during the first year at UCSD. The faculty recognizes, however, that legitimate academic and intellectual goals may preclude the completion of finishing in four years. For example, many students change their major and must complete new prerequisites. Also, many students who must work to help finance their education take a reduced academic load and thus require more than four years to graduate.

Students at UC San Diego’s John Muir College reflect numerous interests, abilities, background and academic placements. "Four Year Plans" are designed to assist students in their academic journey and to provide recommended course schedules to facilitate graduation from UC San Diego in four years for any given major. Major requirements vary, and individual patterns are subject to change.

Note: The four year plans are sample planning guides for Muir College students. Changes may occur throughout your four years at UC San Diego. You need to use (1) the quarterly online Schedule of Classes to see when courses are offered. (2) The online catalog to read course descriptions and prerequisites for the courses you wish to take. (3) Your major department's website for the most current information regarding major requirements. (4) Lastly, we encourage you to complete the Academic Planning Worksheet (pdf) to forecast your individualized academic plan to achieve graduation; this will allow you to take into account coursework already cleared by AP credits, community college courses, additional transfer coursework, etc.

It is your responsibility to maintain communication with departments or programs regarding possible changes in requirements. This is especially important before enrolling in upper-division major courses with numbers 100-199. Be sure to contact your department or program Academic Advisor periodically when taking upper-division courses to ensure positive academic progress.

Please visit the Four Year Plans site to view available plans.