GraduationGraduation vs. Commencement: Upon completion of all graduation requirements, students are required to file to graduate in order to receive their degree/diploma.  Muir hosts an optional commencement ceremony in June that all seniors are permitted to attend.

2018 Commencement Update

John Muir College will hold its 2018 Commencement on Saturday, June 16, 2018 on RIMAC Field at 4:30p. Please click on the 2018 Commencement link on the right-hand side for ceremony information, FAQs, and additional details.

For information about degree requirements:

CheckFile to Graduate

File online at for your diploma after you have enrolled in your final quarter’s courses.

I will finish my classes in: Application Opens: Application Closes:
Fall 2018 05/05/2018 Last day of finals, Fall 2018*
Winter 2019 11/02/2018 Last day of finals, Winter 2019*
Spring 2019 02/08/2019 Last day of finals, Spring 2019*
Summer 2019 04/01/2019 Last day of finals, Summer Session II 2019*
Fall 2019 05/03/2019 Last day of finals, Fall 2019*
Another quarter not listed here Contact Muir Advising Contact Muir Advising

*File as early as possible so that you can make changes in your final quarter’s schedule if necessary. The application period will remain open until the last day of finals of your graduating quarter.

If you have completed all of your courses for graduation and the quarter has passed, you must apply retroactively for your diploma.

How Long Will It Take?

Degree Conferral take 8-10 weeks from the end of the quarter.* A detailed timeline is available.

A diploma arrives to your permanent address 30-90 days after your degree has been conferred.

When you have officially graduated, evidence will be listed on your Academic History and official final transcript.  It will be listed as 'Conferred' with your graduation date.  It is only when your degree is posted to your academic record that you are considered graduated.

* It is necessary that your degree is conferred before ordering official transcripts for grad school, etc.
This time frame is not accurate for students filing retroactively or that have work-in-progress, "I" grades, or pending units transferred in from other institutions (including EAP, OAP, community college, UCDC, etc.)


If you are applying for a SUMMER diploma your application will not be processed until after all UCSD's Summer Sessions have ended.

Rushing Your Degree

Students often find that they need proof of their degree for graduate schools, job opportunities, etc. Be aware that priority posting of degree is an exception and to honor such requests, we must have proof that it is absolutely necessary. Priority Posting request needs to be accompanied by supporting documentation (e.g., typically an offer of employment or admission into a graduate/professional school program). If you are at the early stages of your application process and have not yet been offered employment and/or admissions, it may be difficult to provide the requested supporting documentation.

If you need your degree conferred earlier than the above time line indicates and have proof, you will need to fill out a Priority Posting of Degree Request. The priority posting is due by the Friday of finals week of your graduating quarter.  Please note that Priority Posting Requests are not guaranteed.

If you will be pursuing the Priority Posting option, please also notify your major department(s) regarding your Priority Posting request so they can e-approve your audit as soon as possible. Please notify Muir Advising once you see that your major department(s) have e-approved your audit.

If your finalized degree audit is en route to the Registrar's Office before we receive your Priority Posting, we will not be able to honor the Priority Posting request. We will not be able to ask for your finalized audit to be returned to our office once it has left our office. The Registrar's Office will not expedite degree conferrals without the Priority Posting request.

Changing Your Graduating Quarter / Last Quarter's Classes

If you filed your Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) but want to change your Graduating quarter, please send us a message through the Virtual Advising Center (

If you changed your final quarter classes after you have submitted your Degree and Diploma Application (DDA), but will still complete all requirements to graduate in the same quarter, your DDA quarter remains as is. You do not need to submit a new DDA. We no longer require students to fill out a DDA Change of Schedule form at Muir Academic Advising Office.

Finishing Your Requirements Outside of UCSD

Students should meet with a Muir Advisor if they plan to complete their coursework outside of UCSD. A Senior Residency Waiver may be required for you to graduate. Make an appointment with a Muir Advisor to discuss how this will impact your graduation: 858-534-3580.

Retroactive Degree and Diploma Application (DDA)

If you have completed all of your courses for graduation and the quarter has passed, you must apply retroactively for your diploma.

University Honors at Graduation

Latin Honors are awarded campus wide by the colleges at graduation to those students who have completed 72 graded units at the University of California. Effective Fall 2017, there has been a reduction to 72 UC-letter graded units for Latin Honors from 80 UC-letter graded units.

Latin Honors ranges are determined each year and are based on the top 14% of grade point averages from last year's graduates. Summa cum laude is accorded to the top 2%, magna cum laude to the next 4% and cum laude to the following 8%.

2018 - 2019 Latin Honors
(72 UC letter-graded units required)

  • Summa Cum Laude    3.936 – 4.000
  • Magna Cum Laude     3.852 – 3.935
  • Cum Laude                 3.725 – 3.851

These GPA ranges are effective Fall 2018- through Summer 2019. Latin Honors will not be announced with your name during the commencement ceremony.  However, they will be noted with your name in the Commencement Program as well as on your diploma.

Additional Questions?

  • Contact us via the Virtual Advisor.
  • If you would like to set up at degree check appointment, please call 858-534-3580.

Filing a Degree and Diploma Application DOES NOT ensure graduation. It will be subject to the review and approval (conferral) of your college and major department. 
After graduation, students are not allowed to continue taking classes at UC San Diego

CheckMonitor Your Degree Audit

Monitor your degree audit on Tritonlink. As a reminder you need 180 total units to graduate, 60 of which must be upper division.  If there is ever anything red on your degree audit, call us for a degree check appointment (858-534-3580! Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to verify meeting all requirements for graduation.

CheckParticipate in Commencement

Once a year in June, Muir College holds a commencement ceremony for that year's graduating class. The 2018 Muir College Commencement will occur on Saturday, June 16 at 4:30 PM on RIMAC Field. 

Students with at least 135 units by the end of Winter Quarter may participate in the ceremony. NOTE: Participating in commencement does not constitute official graduation from the university. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Muir College does not require you to "sign up" in the traditional sense. Students sign up through the cap and gown rental process where you will obtain a Muir College Commencement Ticket.  This is all done though the UC San Diego Bookstore in June.

How Do I Get My Name In The Commencement Program?

Students with 135+ units should go online to by May 1, 2018 to submit their names in the Commencement Ceremony Program (Booklet) for purposes of the ceremony and return to complete a Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) when they are actually graduating.

To verify how your name appears or to make changes for the Commencement Ceremony Program (Booklet) only, submit a message on the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) by May 1, 2018.

Once the May 1, 2018 deadline has passed, the Commencement Ceremony Program (Booklet) will go to print so no modifications can be made.

Official name changes must be completed through the UCSD Registrar’s Office.

I Will Officially Finish My Classes in Summer, Fall or Later...

As long as students have 135+ units by the end of Winter quarter, they can participate in commencement! Rent your cap and gown, as well as obtain the Muir Commencement Ticket, through the UC San Diego Bookstore in June and you are all set!

Don't forget to File To Graduate for your last quarter as soon as the application is available.

Can I Participate If I Have Less Than 135 Units?

Submit a Commencement Unit Exception Application to the Muir Academic Advising Office.  It will be reviewed by the Graduation Coordinator who often only grants the application in exceptional cases.

Participating vs. Graduating?

"Participating" refers to crossing the stage in the Commencement Ceremony.

"Graduating" refers to the completion of all graduation requirements and the filing of a Degree and Diploma Applications (DDA).

Proof of Graduation for Family Member Visas

If you are an international student, and require a graduation invitation letter for family members who are planning to attend Muir’s Commencement Ceremony, please submit a letter request to the International Students and Programs Office. For additional information, contact the International Students and Programs Office at (858) 534-3730.

If you are not an international student and have a family member or guest who will be traveling from another country, the Muir Student Affairs Office can supply you with a letter stating that you are completing your degree and will be participating in the commencement ceremony. To request a letter, please e-mail the Muir Student Affairs Office at with your full name, PID, and the first and last name and relation of the people who need letters written. You will be notified when the letters are complete and available for pick-up in our office (located at H&SS 2126). You will be responsible for mailing the letter to your family member – Muir College will NOT send the letter internationally to your guest.

Additional Questions?

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on the commencement ceremony, please see the Muir Commencement information page.

Remember, participating in the ceremony does not ensure or indicate "graduation." You must file for your degree.  Please see the above 'File To Graduate' for more information.

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