First Year Experience at Muir College

The First Year Experience program began in Fall 2014 to help students be more engaged, become more connected to faculty, and be better able to navigate the challenges and benefits of the university. MUIR 1 is a 2-unit course designed to help new students make a successful transition into the large research university and get the most out of their first year at UC San Diego.

Starting in Fall 2015, we have added a second 2-unit course, the Transfer Year Experience (MUIR 2), to make sure that the same opportunities were extended to our incoming transfer students.

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How to Enroll

MUIR 1, First Year Experience

  • Receive practical advice about student life and educational strategies for success
  • Get connected to Muir College and campus resources, as well as research and involvement opportunities campus-wide
  • Learn from faculty who are committed to supporting your transition to college life
  • Interact with upperclassmen (discussion leaders) who remember what it is like to be a new student
  • Meet other new students

MUIR 2, Transfer Year Experience

  • Receive practical information on how to further your academic and career goals
  • Learn about transfer-specific resources and opportunities
  • Get connected to Muir College and learn about ways to get involved on campus
  • Learn from faculty who are committed to supporting your transition to UC San Diego
  • Interact with student leaders who remember what it was like to be a new student 
  • Meet other new transfer students

Benefits of Enrolling in an FYE Course

  • Awareness of internships, research opportunities and study abroad programs
  • Stronger time management and study skills
  • Increased confidence interacting with faculty
  • Greater awareness of how personal well-being impacts academic performance
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Better understanding of how to maximize academic-related resources
  • Exposure to topics that address diversity and social justice
  • Understanding of resources, spaces and services offered by the Library