Academic Probation and Subject to Disqualification

Many students experience academic difficulties at some point in their college career. In some cases, the difficulty is an isolated incident perhaps involving a disappointing grade in one course or a struggle with an exceptionally challenging course, but when difficulties persist and a pattern of academic problems emerges, more serious consequences can develop and lead to academic probation and even dismissal.

Any time that either your term GPA (in a single quarter) or cumulative GPA (in all UC courses) falls below 2.0, you will be on Academic Probation. If you are on Academic Probation for multiple quarters or if your term GPA is very low, you may become Subject to Disqualification.

You are reviewed for Academic Probation in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters only. You cannot return to good academic standing in Summer Session.

Academic Probation

  • If either your term or cumulative GPA is between 1.500 and 1.999, you are on Academic Probation.
  • Academic Probation is a warning. You may continue to enroll in classes at UCSD.
  • Academic Probation is noted on internal records, but does not appear on your official transcript.
  • On your if you continue to be on Academic Probation, you will become Subject to Disqualification if your cumulative GPA is below 2.0.

Subject to Disqualification

  • If you have been on Academic Probation 2 or more quarters in a row, you may become Subject to Disqualification if your cumulative GPA is below 2.0.
  • If your term GPA is below 1.5, you will automatically become Subject to Disqualification, regardless of your cumulative GPA or your previous academic standing.
  • If you are Subject to Disqualification, you may only continue to enroll in classes at UCSD at the discretion of the college.
  • If you are not disqualified, your Subject to Disqualification status  is noted on internal records, but does not appear on your official transcript.
  • The college will decide whether or not you are disqualified based on:
    • Your current and past grades.
    • Your progress in your major and general education classes.
    • How difficult it would be for you to return to good academic standing.
    • Whether you have a previous history of being on academic probation or subject to disqualification.

If You Are Academically Disqualified

  • You must be away from UCSD for at least a year after which you may appeal for readmission if you meet the readmission criteria.
  • You may appeal your disqualification from UCSD.
    • Appeals must be made in writing for review by the college appeals committee, as instructed in your disqualification notice.
    • Disqualification notices will be sent to you on the Virtual Advising system 3-5 days after grades are finalized on TritonLink -- this will be about 7-10 days after the end of finals week.
    • Appeals are only granted to students who can demonstrate extraordinary circumstances that will no long interfere with their academic success.
    • Appeals must be made by the deadline in your disqualification notice.
    • You can use this self-assessment form to help you articulate the problems you faced and the strategies you will use to improve your situation.
  • If you are not granted an appeal or do not appeal:
    • You will be dropped from your classes. If you are disqualified based on Spring Quarter grades, you will be dropped starting Summer Session II.
    • You will have a hold preventing future enrollment at UCSD, including summer session.
    • Your transcript will bear a notation that you have been academically disqualified.
    • You will not be able to appeal to return until you have been away from UCSD for one or more quarters
    • See the readmission page for information how to the process for appealing to return academic disqualification.

Identifying Transfer Courses to Take if You Are Disqualified:

The following links include both how to identify appropriate community college courses and how to enroll in summer or academic year courses at another campus to qualify to return to UCSD:

Resources for Students in Academic Difficulty

If you find yourself on Academic Probation or Subject to Dismissal it is important that you address your difficulties directly by making an honest self assessment of your individual situation, considering all of the factors that have caused academic difficulties, and then develop a plan to achieve academic success.

There are many offices and resources on the UC San Diego campus to assist with your return to good academic standing:

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Tutoring, Online Resources, and Courses:

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