Maximum Unit Limitation

UCSD students are expected to graduate in 4 years, or two years as transfer students.This expectation is enforced by setting a maximum number of units a UCSD student may complete before we prevent further enrollment at UCSD.

  • Muir students may complete a maximum of 200 units.
  • This is increased to 230 if a student is completing a B.S. degree in the Jacobs School of Engineering, or 240 if a student has an approved double major.
  • Completing a minor (which is not required for your degree) does not add units to the maximum allowed.
  • Pursuing pre-career preparation (such as medical school prerequisites) does not add units to the maximum allowed.

Calculating Units Toward the Maximum

Your maximum unit limit is based on total credits passed (listed on your TritonLink Academic History as "Crdts Pssd")

When calculating units completed, we do not count the following toward the maximum. We subtract them from your credits passed:

  • Units granted by Advanced Placement (AP) examinations.
  • Units granted by International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations or diplomas.
  • If you are a transfer student with IGETC, Partial IGETC, or UC Reciprociy, we consider 60 of your transfer units as applying toward completion of General Education and major requirements, and will deduct transfer units beyond that. For example, if you transferred to UCSD with 105 units and IGETC complete, we would deduct 45 units in our calculation.

Maximum Unit Appeals

You may appeal for an exception to the maximum unit limit, but you must show that you are taking the minimum time to finish the required courses for major, GE, or university graduation requirements. You will not be allowed to exceed the maximum unit limit to:

  • Finish an optional minor.
  • Change to a different major when you have already completed degree requirements in another major.
  • Declare an additional major.
  • Complete prerequisites for a graduate or professional school.
  • Complete unit requirements for a professional or certificate program.
Once you reach or exceed the maximum unit limit, you will have a hold placed upon you preventing further enrollment at UCSD.