Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters At Muir

Diversity Matters

We seek to build a college  as diverse as the society we serve. Our commitment to excellence includes a commitment to diversity and to helping students become effective citizens and leaders in a society enriched by many cultures.

John Muir College enjoys an atmosphere of friendliness and informality. We encourage and expect humane interaction and respect for others, regardless of personal characteristics such as race, gender, age, ethnicity, physical or education challenge, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

John Muir College has long been dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for UCSD’s diverse student body. Since its founding, JMC has sponsored a wide range of organizations and programs designed to advance equality, acceptance, and success for all students, faculty and staff regardless of their gender, sexuality race, class, ability, age, citizenship, religion, or other distinctions.

Among our more prominent commitments to diversity are Culture House, our partnership with OASIS in Summer Bridge and OASIS Learning Communities, and our new CAMP initiative.

Cultural House

In Cultural House, students of different cultures, ethnicities, races, and sexual identities learn from each other and increase their personal awareness of diversity. Muir’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) and Allies Program is located in Cultural House. Residents participate in programs and activities that may include group discussions, presentations by campus resources, music and dance performances, museum visits, outdoor experiences, study breaks, movie nights, and other student events.

Summer Bridge College Success Strategies and OASIS Learning Communities (OLCs)

A Muir Advisor partners with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Student Affairs in teaching “College Success Strategies” as part of the OASIS summer bridge program. During the school year the group continues as part of an optional OASIS Learning Community (OLC) .

Through a weekly seminar, the OLCs assist selected, new, first-year students in their transition into the university. Through collaboration with their peers, the OLCs provide an environment where students develop an understanding of academic and social issues that may arise as well as the strategies to address them.

The College Academic Mentor Program (CAMP)

The CAMP program, co-sponsored by Muir College, CREATE, and EAOP provides opportunities for UCSD juniors and seniors to work in local high schools with significant historically underrepresented communities to mentor and advise  on a number of issues to prepare students for college admission. CAMP students participate in classes to learn basic college counseling skills, and work closely with high school counselors to do field work with high school students.

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