Freshman Orientation 2017

Freshman Orientation

We offer three, 2-day programs in June that allow students the opportunity to learn about the UCSD community and involvement opportunities at Muir and beyond, as well as meet several College staff members and Muir students before school starts.

We offer three two-day sessions in June:
Session #1: Thursday and Friday, June 22-23
Session #2: Monday and Tuesday, June 26-27
Session #3: Wednesday and Thursday, June 28-29

We also offer condensed one-day sessions in September. If you cannot make it to the June sessions, we offer condensed one-day sessions in September. The September program is ideal for (but not limited to) students who are coming from out of state.

Session #4: Tuesday, September 19
Session #5: Wednesday, September 20

Session #6: Thursday, September 21

Orientation Registration for New Students in now OPEN. Please visit newstudent.ucsd.edu to register for an orientation session by June, 5th 2017.

Family Members & Family Orientation

While the Family Orientation program is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

If your family members are interested in attending, be sure to enter their email address when you register for Orientation on the New Student Site. After you register, an email invitation to register for Family Orientation will be sent to the email you provided. The email invitation does not confirm the registration. Family must fill out their registration entirely separate from the students. Please note that Family members must attend the same session date as their student.

Participants in the Family Program follow their own schedule, separate from the students. Activities include sessions with the Muir Provost, Dean of Academic Advising, Dean of Student Affairs, and representatives from key on-campus offices.

For more information about the Family Orientation Program, please visit the Family Orientation page.

Still have questions? Email us at jmcfrosh@ucsd.edu.

Resources for New Freshmen

Freshman Orientation

New Freshmen Students

Click Here: 2017 Freshmen Welcome Letter

April 8th - Triton Day!

May 1st - Deadline to submit SIR.

Orientation Photos

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