General Information:

John Muir College will hold its 2017 Commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM on RIMAC Field.
  • Graduates must report with their ticket, cap, and gown by 4:30 PM for check-in to the Spanos Track and Field area.
  • Guests will be seated prior to the ceremony. Seating will be first-come, first-served.
  • The ceremony is scheduled to take approximately two hours from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.
  • We suggest making your post-commencement plans after 8:00 PM.
  • Please check back for updates regarding parking and directions for the Muir ceremony as more information becomes available.

Please Note: No animals allowed.  Service animals specifically trained to assist a person with a disability are welcome. 

Ceremony & Arrival

Graduates: Arrive at the Spanos Track and Field area 90 minutes before the start of the ceremony - that means being at Spanos Track at 4:30 PM! Remember to leave plenty of time to park and get to RIMAC Field.

  • Bring your cap and gown with you (if you are not already wearing it), along with the Muir College graduation ticket, and proceed to the North Campus Recreational Field (also known as RIMAC Field). Go to the Spanos Track at the far north end of the field. Note: your family and friends need to proceed directly onto the RIMAC Field.
    Only graduates with tickets will be allowed at Spanos Track.
  • When you arrive, you will be reminded to completely and clearly fill in the requested information on the graduation ticket. Please be advised that inappropriate nicknames will be screened prior to your crossing of the stage. Those who write inappropriate nicknames or have illegible handwriting will be asked to rewrite the information on the card.
  • Please listen for and comply with instructions of the commencement staff that will be there to assist you.
  • You will be escorted in line to the field where you will process into the seating area. Please stay in your designated line. Do not stop for family photos as this delays the procession.
  • The Provost will proceed with the ceremony: speeches (by the Chancellor and others), recognition of students and faculty receiving awards, and then the reading of graduates' names and crossing the stage.
  • The ceremony will conclude with the traditional turning of the tassel (from right to left) and then a recessional of the platform party.
  • The ceremony is scheduled to take two hours from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. We suggest making your post-Commencement plans after 8:00 PM. This will allow everyone ample time to take pictures after the ceremony and safely exit our parking areas.
  • Guests should plan on arriving to RIMAC field to find seating 1-1.5 hours prior to Commencement ceremony start time. Please allow at least 1 hour to park and arrive at RIMAC field.

Recognition Of Graduates

How exactly will graduates be recognized?

Muir College staff will direct graduates to form two lines, one on the left of the stage and another on the right side of the stage. Graduates will be arranged in the order in which they are seated.

When you get to the stage you will hand in a card on which you will have neatly printed your name - and have also spelled it out fo-net-ick-lee . If you are still worried your name will be mispronounced, just whisper the proper pronunciation in the Dean's ear as you hand in your card. 

Provost John Moore will confer the degrees after everyone has crossed the stage.

After the graduate's name is announced, the graduate will proceed across the stage to receive a congratulatory handshake from the Provost or a distinguished guest while being photographed by a professional photographer.

After crossing the stage, Muir College Commencement Staff will direct graduates back to their seat. Once seated, graduates are expected to stay in their seats for the duration of the ceremony out of respect for all graduates.


Any student wishing to participate in the June commencement ceremony must have completed 135 units by the end of Winter Quarter. Participation in the commencement ceremony does not constitute official graduation from the university.

If you will have less than 135 units completed by the end of Winter Quarter and wish to participate in commencement, submit a Commencement Unit Exception Application to the Muir Academic Advising Office.  It will be reviewed by the Graduation Coordinator who often only grants the application in exceptional cases.

Please remember to submit your Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) according to the DDA filing deadlines.

Commencement Etiquette

Can my parents run to the stage and snap a picture or film me crossing the stage?
Absolutely NOT! Please encourage your guests to use a powerful zoom lens to memorialize your special day. There are professional photographers present who will be taking pictures of each graduate walking up to and crossing the stage and shaking Provost Moore's hand. You will receive a proof photo in a few weeks, and you may decide then whether or not to order prints and enlargements. You may also elect to have a professional Senior Portrait snapped in advance at the Bookstore.

Please note that there are no tickets required for guests at the Muir College Commencement.
Only graduates are required to have tickets to for the ceremony.

Please do not approach the stage to take a picture or film your graduates as they cross the stage.
Guests must stay within the designated guest area and only graduates are permitted in the graduate seating section. We encourage you to use a powerful zoom lens to memorialize this special day. Also, please be aware that professional photographers from Grad Images will be taking two photos of each graduate – one as they cross the stage after their name is read and the second as they exit the stage. Graduates will receive a proof photo about a month following Commencement, at which time you may decide whether to order prints and enlargements. Graduates may also elect to have a professional Senior Portrait taken in advance at the Bookstore (contact the Bookstore for specific dates and times).

Please follow the advice and instructions of the event staff.
This includes parking attendants, event staff, and security guards. We are all there working to ensure that the ceremony proceeds in a timely manner, so please comply with all of our requests.

Please do not bring air horns, large balloon bouquets, or other potentially irksome items to the ceremony.
Large balloon bouquets block the view of other guests and the use of air horns can interfere with everyone's ability to hear the ceremony, and many people find them aurally disturbing. Please be mindful that we will have more than 9,000 guests in attendance at our ceremony and respect those around you.

Please do not encourage your graduate to leave the ceremony until its completion.

The ceremony officially ends following the tassel ceremony and recessional of the distinguished guests, faculty and staff on stage. Be respectful of the graduates who cross the stage last; they deserve as much attention and recognition as those who cross first.

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Muir College undergraduates are highlighted at our annual Student Leadership Brunch and the commencement ceremony. Nomination information will be available in Spring Quarter.

Cap & Gown Rental

More information to come!  Stay tuned!

Commencement Program

How do I get my name in the Commencement Program?

Students with 135+ units should go online to by May 1, 2017 to submit their names in the Commencement Ceremony Program (Booklet) for purposes of the ceremony and return to complete a Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) when they are actually graduating.

To verify how your name appears or to make changes for the Commencement Ceremony Program (Booklet) only, submit a message on the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) by May 1, 2017.

Once the May 1, 2017 deadline has passed, the Commencement Ceremony Program (Booklet) will go to print so no modifications can be made.

Official name changes must be completed through the UCSD Registrar’s Office.


Guests are not allowed to cross any barricade or disrupt the flow of the ceremony to take pictures. Only our professional photographers are allowed on stage to take pictures. Please remember to bring a powerful zoom lens to use in memorializing this special day.

Professional photographers will be present at the ceremony taking pictures of the graduate before they step onto the stage and as they cross the stage. The graduate will receive photo proofs via email. Be sure to write your e-mail address clearly on the back of the commencement ticket to ensure your proofs arrive.

Senior Portraits
Graduates may also elect to have a professional Senior Portrait taken in advance at the UCSD Bookstore during Grad Night and at the Grad Fair. Please check the Graduation Central webpage of the UCSD Bookstore for updates. If you have additional questions, please contact the UCSD Bookstore for more information at (858) 534-7323

Rings and Announcements

Ticketing Procedures for Graduates

UC San Diego has a long tradition of holding separate commencement ceremonies for each of the undergraduate colleges. UC San Diego’s six undergraduate college ceremonies provide students with a setting where graduating seniors may invite family and friends to celebrate their accomplishments. College ceremonies allow individual recognition of each senior.

Ticketing Background and Information
To continue with this tradition and to ensure that students attend their own college ceremony, students participating in the June undergraduate commencement ceremonies will be required to have a ticket of admission to their college’s ceremony. Ticketing will enable colleges to limit the ceremony to participants in that college. This will help to provide adequate parking, traffic control and facilities resources to ensure a happy, memorable occasion for all graduates. A college ticket will be distributed to students at the time of their cap and gown rental at the Bookstore in June. Student ID will be required for verification of college enrollment. Students should place this ticket in a safe location as it will be required for admittance to their college commencement ceremony on the day of graduation. No replacement tickets will be issued.

Prior to the Commencement Ceremony

Clearly and completely fill out the requested information on the back of the college ticket in advance. Be advised that the information that graduates write on these cards will be screened by event staff before each student crosses the stage. If inappropriate or illegible names are submitted, graduates will be asked to rewrite the information on the ticket.

Directions & Parking

Parking for commencement is free and plentiful, but heavy traffic is expected. For best results, follow the signs onto campus from the freeway and watch for officials directing traffic. For more information visit UC San Diego's parking website


Tickets are not required in the guest general seating area. There is no limit to the number of guests that a graduate may invite to attend the ceremony. Remember that seating is on a first-come, first-served basis

Guests with Special Needs

Commencement is an exciting day for our graduates to share with their families and friends. We hope that the following information will help guests with special needs to enjoy the day with their graduate.

  • Disabled parking for those with handicap placards will be available in the Hopkins parking lot. Please follow the parking attendants' directions and have your placard easily viewable.
  • The commencement site is approximately 1/4 mile from the parking lot. Shuttle service will be available only to those guests with mobility restrictions from Hopkins parking Structure to RIMAC field level. We regret the university is not able to provide wheelchairs for guests. The first/last chair of each row may be removed to accommodate wheelchairs.
  • ASL interpreters will be on stage throughout the ceremony. A limited number of assisted listening devices are also available. If you require listening assistance, please contact the Muir College Provost office at 858-534-7127 in advance.
  • There is limited shaded seating available on a first-come, first-served basis. This seating is available to those in need and one additional guest.

Senior Spring & Triton Pride Packs

The UC San Diego Bookstore and Alumni Association are offering Triton Pride Packs! For more information on Senior Spring events and opportunities, visit their website.

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